Author : Milan de Ruiter


You can use CKAN Groups to create and manage collections of datasets. This could be to catalogue datasets for a particular project or team, or on a particular theme, or as a very simple way to help people find and search your own published datasets. 14 groups found Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry 175 Datasets Culture and […]

Nomen est omen

What do European public databases say about your family name? Who would benefit from it and how? Nomen Est Omen provides people with a fascinating overview of what public databases say about their family name (currently in Finland and the Netherlands). It offers a simple interface into registers which hold information about surnames and by […]

Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia is special professional organization in the system of state administration of the Republic of Serbia that performs the expert tasks related to: adopting programs, organization and conducting of the statistical surveys, methodology creation, collecting, processing, statistical analysis and publishing of the statistical data; preparation and adopting of […]


What is is a Pan European data portal, providing access to open, freely reusable datasets from local, regional and national public bodies across Europe. What does do? aims to: Provide a single point of access to official open datasets from across Europe (it can be difficult to find datasets buried deep in official […]

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