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Easy, consistent, transparent and secure access to health data to improve your quality of life.

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We guarantee easy, consistent, transparent and secure access to health data to improve your quality of life. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all health-related questions – which is why we are also one of the largest public health databases.

Health data can be useful in improving the healthcare system and making it more efficient, personalized and humanistic. This data is often the cornerstone of a healthy and long life, providing insight into personal health status. By collecting and processing a large amount of quality data, it is possible to conduct effective research and sustainably improve the health of all of us, for example in the areas of improving the early detection and diagnosis of a disease, analyzing the side effects of treatments, developing clinical trials or the mode of action of certain nutritional supplements.

We offer a series of articles on various topics related to health, trying to find tomorrow’s solutions to improve the health of all citizens. 

Publicdata is intended to serve as a central collection and contact point for any kind of health-related question. We focus especially on the following subject areas:

All topics at a glance


Good advice and answers to important questions about cosmetics and beauty products. In our beauty guides we go into ingredients, areas of application and compatibility of various cosmetic products.


The multitude of information on the subject of nutrition can quickly seem overwhelming, right? That’s exactly why we have written important nutrition tips for you in this category.


Exercise and physical fitness are a big part of a healthy life. For this area, too, we have collected and processed a large amount of health data and made it available to you.


Human health is the highest good – also for us. We would like to tell you about ways to find your personal and healthy lifestyle. For this we have numerous tips & tricks (all proven and easy to implement).


The topic of sexuality is still strongly tabooed today, we want to break with this taboo. Human sexuality is also part of our health database. Here you will find tips & tricks for a healthy and long love life.

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