Woodland Grant Scheme 1


The Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS) provides incentives for people to create and manage woodlands on sites all over Great Britain.

The Forestry Commission pays grants for establishing and looking after woodlands and forests. To qualify for grant the applicant must meet the standards of environmental protection and practice set out in the Forestry Commission’s guidelines.

WGS1 operated between June 1988 and June 1991. It was replaced by WGS2.

This dataset was never updated.

Contents of the dataset:

SCHEME BOUNDARY - The boundary of the area(s) included within the scheme.

NEW PLANTING APPROVED - Areas within the contract where new planting has been approved under P and/or A.

NEW NATURAL REGENERATION APPROVED – Areas within the contract where new natural regeneration has been approved.

REPLANTING/REGENERATION/MANAGEMENT - Areas within the contract where replanting, restocking by natural regeneration or management has been approved under RP, R, ER and/or NW.

Abbreviations used above:

P New planting A New planting on arable or improved grassland RP Restocking by planting or natural regeneration R Restocking by planting or natural regeneration ER Existing natural regeneration NW Neglected woodland to be managed

Dataset Attributes:

Descriptor : Description of identified feature PropNumber : Property number PropName : Property name Prop_Type : Property type (Traditional Estate, etc) PropStatus : Current property status (Approved, etc) Cont_Start : Date scheme was approved and contract started Grid_Ref : National grid reference (NS564358) Restock_ha : Total area of restocking approved within the scheme NewPlnt_ha : Total area of new planting approved within the scheme Total_Area : Total area of scheme boundary

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bbox-north-lat 58.840837
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