WIAT Challenge Fund Footpaths

Woodlands In and Around Towns (WIAT) Challenge Fund Footpaths

The Woodlands In and Around Towns (WIAT) programme provides the focus for Forestry Commission Scotland's work on improving quality of life in towns and cities. This dataset relates to the second phase of the WIAT programme which started in April 2008.

This dataset contains new and upgraded footpaths from approved WIAT applications. Additionally there are datasets which show the case boundary and car parks for WIAT applications.

Additional information on WIAT can be found in the overall WIAT boundary dataset metadata which gives details on eligibility criteria and further details on the overall programme. Further details can also be found using the Dataset Documentation link within this metadata document.


Case_No : WIAT CF Case Reference Number Descriptor : Description of FootpathType Work_Item : Work Item Number Pay_In_FY : Financial Year Claim has to be made Start_Date : Financial Year Start Date End_Date : Financial Year End Date Cons_Name : Conservancy Name Status : Current Scheme Status StatusDate : Current Status Date Case_Name : Property Name Length_m : Footpath Length in Metres

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access_constraints ["None"]
bbox-east-long 3.717033
bbox-north-lat 62.030562
bbox-south-lat 49.766186
bbox-west-long -9.605306
contact-email geoinformationservices@forestry.gsi.gov.uk
coupled-resource []
dataset-reference-date [{"type": "creation", "value": "2008-04-01"}, {"type": "revision", "value": "2013-05-17"}]
frequency-of-update quarterly
guid B0867DC9-7E5A-47E8-81B5-4F211F3677E9
harvest_source_reference B0867DC9-7E5A-47E8-81B5-4F211F3677E9
licence ["Copyright (Copyright Forestry Commission Scotland)", "copyright", "license"]
metadata-date 2013-09-03
metadata-language eng
provider Forestry Commission Scotland
published_by 20010
resource-type dataset
responsible-party Forestry Commission Scotland (owner, custodian)
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[3.717033, 49.766186],[3.717033, 62.030562], [-9.605306, 62.030562], [-9.605306, 49.766186], [3.717033, 49.766186]]]}
spatial-reference-system urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::27700
temporal_coverage-from []
temporal_coverage-to []
theme-primary Transport
themes-secondary ["Geography"]