Municipal Waste Management

Amount of municipal waste sent through each waste stream. 'Landfill estimates include recycling, composting or reuse rejects. 'Incineration with EfW:[HTML_REMOVED] EfW is energy from waste. Also included are amounts rejected for recycling, composting or reuse where incineration with EfW is reported as the final destination of these rejects. 'Recycled/composted' includes household and non-household sources sent for recycling or for centralised composting; home composting estimates are not included in this total.[HTML_REMOVED] It also includes small amounts of materials sent for reuse.[HTML_REMOVED] Material which was collected for recycling but actually rejected at collection, by the MRF or at the gate of a recycling reprocessor is excluded. 'Other' includes material which is sent for Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT), mixed municipal waste sent for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and that disposed through other treatment processes. 'Totals are based on municipal waste that is disposed or sent for recycling/composting.

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