Immunisation Rates at 2nd Birthday

NHS Immunisations at 2nd Birthday. Long-term trends for MMR immunisations in[HTML_REMOVED]London and England are available, back to 1988/89. It is not possible to easily display the long term trends for all regions since the definitions and boundaries of the other English regions[HTML_REMOVED]has changed a number of times during this period - though data for London has always remained available. Footnotes: Centre for Infections (CfI) for information on childhood immunisation uptake at ages 1, 2 and 5 collected through the Cover of Vaccination Evaluated Rapidly (COVER). Footnotes: 5 PCTs in 2008/09 experienced data quality issues and thus may not present an accurate reflection of actual uptake.13 PCTs in 2008/09[HTML_REMOVED] experienced data quality issues as a result of a recent migration to a new Child Health system or problems with their existing Child Health system, leading to a lack of confidence in data reported.1 PCT in 2008/09 submitted partial datasets (Hib/MenC) due to the unavailability of data from certain regions.3 PCTs in 2008/09 submitted data based upon quarter data due to problems with the reporting of an annual figure.Trusts' data: where there has been missing data, or large movements year on year, these have been queried with the trusts and data withdrawn, estimated or published in agreement with them.6 PCTs in 2007/08 were unable to provide reliable annual data due to ongoing problems relating to the implementation of a new child health system, with a further 1 PCT unable to submit MMR figures due to concerns over data quality(6) 1 PCT was unable to provide annual data due to a major problem with the child health computer system7 PCTs in 2006/07 were unable to provide reliable annual data due to ongoing problems relating to the implementation of a new child health system. See .xls file for details of each PCT.The Hib/MenC and Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) data has been published for the first time (2008-09) and therefore labelled as experimental.

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