All YPLA transactions

A monthly updated list of all financial transactions made by Young People's Learning Agency. Active from 1/4/2010, as part of the Government expenditure transparency initiative.

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Feld Wert
Autor Financial Reporting
agency Young People's Learning Agency
categories Children, Education and Skills
date_released 2010-10-31
date_updated 2010-10-25
department Department for Children, Schools and Families
geographic_coverage 100000: England
geographic_granularity national
last_major_modification 2010-10-28T13:30:06.697619
national_statistic no
openness_score 0
openness_score_last_checked 2011-06-07T11:47:01.973275
precision Actual currency to 2 decimal places
provider Department for Children, Schools and Families
published_by Department for Children, Schools and Families [11398]
published_via Young People's Learning Agency [12383]
temporal_coverage-from 2010-06-01
temporal_coverage-to 2010-06-30
temporal_granularity month
theme-primary Spending
update_frequency monthly