GCSE and Equivalent Results in England, 2009/10 (Revised)

This Statistical First Release (SFR) provides updated information on the overall achievements of young people in GCSE examinations and other accredited qualifications in 2009/10. The information is taken from data collated for the 2010 Secondary School Performance Tables, which has been checked by schools. The results shown in this SFR are based on pupils reaching the end of Key Stage 4, typically those starting the academic year aged 15.

Two new indicators are included in this publication: the percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate and the percentage of pupils achieving GCSE English and maths at grade A*-C.

Accredited iGCSEs are included in the figures for the first time in 2010 as equivalent to GCSEs and have been counted towards the new indicators mentioned above as well as existing measures. The impact of their inclusion has been shown in the tables where appropriate.

The SFR includes national figures, local authority figures, urban and rural classifications and local authority district figures.

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